Gracie Barra Bristol

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Meet our team!

GeezaNicolai “Geeza” Holt

Black Belt

Nicolai “Geeza” Holt is the head coach of Gracie Barra Bristol and he is proud to be the only Brazilian Jiu JItsu instructor teaching in Bristol that was promoted to black belt by a member of the Gracie family (Roger Gracie). With over 10 years of teaching experience in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Geeza understands that each student has different goals, different abilities and different needs and he is happiest when each student grows and develops in their own particular way. Geeza likes to teach the Jiu Jitsu of his Master Roger Gracie, closely follows and teaches the new developments in the sport and adheres to the legacy passed down through the Gracie Barra curriculum. Besides being an instructor, Geeza has earned many titles as a competitor including multiple time Pan American, European and Grappler's Quest Champion. (He is known as Geeza because he is a bit older than your average BJJ instructor).

JamieJamie Horsman

Purple Belt

Jamie 'Midget' Horsman has made rapid progress from White to Purple belt with Gracie Barra due to his extraordinary competition success. European Champion in gi at Blue and Purple belt he is also a well respected and loved instructor able to create a nice learning atmosphere in his classes. (He is known as 'Midget' because as a white belt his uniform was much smaller than he was.)

Nick Jordan

Purple Belt

Nick 'Bucket' Jordan is one of the hardest working members of the Gracie Barra Bristol family and will always stay on the mat for 'one more roll' if anyone is up for it. He is an active competitor with local and national titles and has a brilliant memory for the techniques of BJJ. (He is known as 'Bucket' because he has trained and fought so hard on several occasions that he vomited.).

Luke Chamberlain

Purple Belt

Luke 'Mafia' Chamberlain is in charge of the Future Champions kids program. Luke is an active competitor and was the first ever blue belt awarded by Geeza. (he is known as Mafia because he once heard some inside information on a publicly listed Italian cement manufacturer).